Timothy Gabriel of Lion and Lamb Music is Today’s Honoree

TimThe story behind timothygabriel isn’t much different from many other artists out there today. Born on the south side of Columbus, GA, his family later moved to the east side when he was around one or two years old. There he grew up with three older brothers and later three younger sisters. Being the middle child he didn’t get the attention he thought he should receive all the time. His father and mother took them to church like every Sunday. He attended the Apostolic Faith Church with his family for many years.Even though he grew up around gangs, prostitutes, crack heads and drug dealers the teachings he received helped him out alot in the streets. Looking for what he called love, he tried alcohol, drugs, clubs, sex and other things as well. He later found love in his music. He performed on many stages under the name Timothy hyWalter. He was later introduced to a guy name Killer Mike. He was to perform one night at the 20 Grand In Atlanta but God had other plans for his life. That night Killer Mike, Bone Crusher, Field Mob, TI and other artists were on the bill as well. God had the Fire Marshalls close the event down early.

Later Timothy gave his life to the Lord. Since 2003 until now he has been about trying to please the Lord. In December of 2010, the Lord Okayed him to rap for Him only. There is more to the man timothygabriel than this. His focus then and now is to Represent the Kingdom of God………….

Visit Timothy Gabriel for information.

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