Busy Girl Lori Harder is Today’s Honoree

LoricoverLori Harder is a cover model, competitor, consultant, trainer and author. Lori  has enjoyed so many achievements which include 2010 Overall Bikini America World Champion, 2010 Overall Figure America World Champion, 2010 Ms Bikini Universe, 2010 Ms Bikini America, 2010 Ms Figure America, 2009 Ms Bikini America Tall Class, 2008 Figure Universe, 2007 Musclemania Figure Worlds 4th place, 2007 Bikini America Worlds 3rd place.  Her her story will inspire even the busiest professional to eat and workout better.

Cover girl Lori Harder loves food, so to keep cravings at bay and her midsection trim, she experiments with clean recipes for her Busy Girl Healthy Life website. “I like to make healthy versions of whatever I’m craving,” she says. Her favorite clean creation is her Italian ground turkey, which can be shaped into a sausage, patty or even meatballs. “Use this low-calorie, low-fat recipe in place of any ground sausage in any recipe!” says Lori.

LoriBookThis cookbook has been a dream of mine for a long time, and I am so excited to share my secrets and recipes with you. I’ve combined my love of food with a desire to make healthy foods that taste great and provide the energy to fuel my goals. Healthy food doesn’t have to taste like cardboard — you just need to know how to spice it up! Perfect for every day meals, parties, and even the busiest of ladies! 

If you don’t have the energy to exercise or do simple daily tasks, you’re not living your life to the fullest. And you’ll continue to live this way, if you don’t put the right things in your body. Let the Busy Girl Healthy Life Cookbook show you how you can have the best of both worlds with simple, tasty recipes that keep you looking and feeling amazing!

Work Out with Me – Get the Results You’re After!

Get a new set of challenging workouts with moves for every fitness level. Using only free weights and your own body weight, you can do them at the gym or in your home, no matter where you live! There are videos of each exercise and a closed Facebook group for support. And a meal guide gives you a list of food choices in healthy portion sizes to fuel your results. This is not a diet, but a sustainable meal planning system to help introduce you to clean eating.

What you get when you become a Busy Bodies Monthly Member:

  • Three weekly functional workouts you can do anywhere – at the gym or at home – with variations for all fitness levels. Each workout has a video demonstration so you can accurately perform each exercise.
  • Suggested meal plan guide and food lists. More specific adjustments made upon request.
  • Cardio suggestions to maximize your results in the most effective way
  • Two monthly group conference calls with Lori to check in, get motivated and ask any questions you have.
  • Access to our private, members-only Busy Bodies Facebook page. This page offers support from both Lori and fellow members, nutrition and fitness tips, recipe ideas, etc. This is a great space that can help hold you accountable to your goals while you and other members motivate each other.
  • Direct email access to Lori
  • Ongoing prize giveaways for completing various self-improvement homework tasks/challenges throughout each month.
  • Group motivational/self improvement book of the month recommendations
  • The opportunity to participate in quarterly 60-day challenges where you have the chance to win $500 plus 6 free months of membership for the best overall transformation during the challenge period.

Visit Lori Harder for more information.

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