All Hail the Queen Author Shatroyia Phillips is Today’s Honoree

QueenBookShatroyia Phillips, winner of the 2013 Miss Miami Plus Size Pageant, is a business woman, author & socialite.


Shatroyia Phillips is a proud business owner, entrepreneur, and author of All Hail the Queen, her autobiographical story of woman empowerment, moral choice, and responsibility. Unlike other books, Shatroyia’s life in All Hail the Queen captures her experience as a “plus-sized diva/ beauty queen.” As it turns out, America’s first “full-figured” book main character is actually a real person! As acceptance and appreciation for plus-sized women has increased in the fashion world in recent years, Shatroyia’s book is perfectly poised to make a splash.

Shatroyia’s objective for the book is to share her story, from her most dark, fearful, and tearful moments to her most private, proud, and cheerful ones. Her whole life is there as a vivid illustration to teenage girls, showing them that “everything that glitters is not gold” and the importance connected to making the right or wrong decisions and dealing with their consequences. Her book is also a reaching-out to the “underdog”– all the women of the world (especially the plus-sized ladies) who have been made to feel like they can’t. Her story is testimony that you CAN. You can be sexy. You can be successful. You can find love. You can be happy. No matter the odds against you, never let anyone tell you that you can’t… because you CAN.

The idea for writing this book came from the desire to showcase the beauty, focus and ability of a plus sized woman who is fierce and capable of conquering not only a stereotype but the world.


I was inspired to write “All Hail The Queen” after winning the Miami Plus Size Pageant. So many women came to me and expressed how they were influenced by my confidence. That it gave them a sense of pride to be plus sized and beautiful. I was excited about their reaction and I wanted to offer a more in depth look at my life. I wanted everyone to know that no matter what life offered them, they could take it and build whatever they wanted out of it.


When life positions you as the first of everything, you are forced to take the lead ready or not. Life doesn’t give instructions or mercy. It gives hard solid blows that knock you down to your knees; trials and tribulations that are unbearable to some and only survived by the chosen. If you rise, it hits you again until you learn how to stand. And once you learn how to stand, then life hands you your crown. There is always an order to things and in all things there is a hierarchy.


“This book should be read by all, especially young girls who believe that life is all about materialistic things and getting what they want quick and easy. It is definitely a eye-opener for plus size teens who neglect their dreams because of their adversities.” Passion Roosevelt, Creator of Color Me Thick”

Visit Queen Shatroyia Phillips for more information.

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