Brain Injury Survivor Steve Zalvidar is Today’s Honoree

Hannah with Steve

Hannah with Steve

Steve Zalvidar is twenty one years old…he was an amateur Boxer pursuing a professional boxing career. He was the life of the party with a heart of gold…everybody loved him. As he loved his family more than anything.

July 6th 2013 he was severely beat up at a party and barely made it to the hospital in time…all but one Dr. would even operate on him. The risk was so high and the prognosis was he was brain dead! Thank God for his amazing family and the Dr. who to a risk on Steve. He is here today….taking one day at a time. Responsive and laughing his personality is there and he knows everything we are saying.

Steve’s family has exhausted their resources and has turned their living room into a hospital room for Steve. They have purchased a handicap can for Steve, but it has 300,000 miles on it so it’s just enough to get to & from the Dr.’s visits and therapy with occasional park visits. The joy and love in this family is contagious…but not exempt of tough times.

Steve needs twenty four hour care everyday and has to be moved every two hours, he eats through a feeding tube, but this does not define Steve!!!

With God All Things Are Possible!

Please pray for Steve & his family as Steve goes into surgery on Thur to have the right side of his skull put back on. This could mean leaps and bounds steps for Steve! He’s a fighter by nature and God does not give us more than we can handle!

As a Brain Injury survivor and author of “Living The Invisible Disability” Steve is my angel and inspiration everyday to bring awareness to Brain Injuries. No One Is Exempt!!!

Contact Hannah Andrusky for updates on Steve Zalvidar.

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