NumbersAlive Founder Dr. Klemm is Today’s Honoree

DrKlemmCEO Dr. Rebecca Klemm-the founder and president of NumbersAlive!,  a new children’s company that makes math concepts fun and easy using games, toys, and books. Students of all ages join the inquisitive numeric characters – plush toys, puppets, and animated characters – as they explore the relevance of mathematical concepts worldwide.

Since receiving her Ph.D. in Statistics, Dr. Klemm, The Numbers Lady, has specialized in explaining mathematical concepts via every-day language.

Dr. Klemm has taught students from grades 7 through graduate school, as well as judges and juries via storytelling. While on the faculty of Georgetown University School of Business she received the 1982 Decision Sciences Instructional Award from the American Institute of Decision Sciences. For the past 25 years she has run her own research firm, Klemm Analysis Group, specializing in data collection and analysis.

NumbersAliveDuring 2010 Dr. Klemm conceived and produced a musical, Cookin Up Numbers. Audience response encouraged her to establish NumbersAlive! in 2011 to introduce children to world patterns and numeric relevance via storytelling using the fun and friendly number characters of Team Ten. Her award-winning first book, NumbersAlive! Books for Young Travelers – Washington DC, was published in April, 2012. Hello Numbers, which introduces the number characters, was published in 2014.

With games for all ages starting as early as the pre-school level to young teens,  NumbersAlive! is the best to help your child overcome his or her anxiety over numbers and math.  The NumbersAlive! games and books range from $13.99 to $62.00.
The goal is to introduce learners to world patterns and human development that encourages them to curiously question and appreciate relationships between seemingly unrelated disciplines.

NumbersAlive1NumbersAlive! products help children develop:

*         Creativity, imagination, and teamwork

*         Observation and scientific inquiry skills

*         Basic math and science thinking

*         Interdisciplinary knowledge

*         And visual and math tactile competency

Visit NumbersAlive! for more information.

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