Fort Valley State University SGA President Ariel D. Hill is Today’s Honoree

Ariel D. Hill is a senior psychology major hailing from the Blues City, Memphis, Tennessee. A transfer student, Ariel humbly serves as the President of the Student Government Association, and her main focus is the success of her fellow students and SGA becoming more of an advocate for the student body.

Ariel has always been involved with student issues since she arrived in 2012. She’s a frequent volunteer in Campus Life, a certified Peer Educator, and a 2014 initiate of The Eta chapter of Delta Sigma Theta sorority incorporated. After obtaining her degree she plans on going to Georgia State or the University of Georgia for her masters in clinical psychology, and counseling.

Ariel’s message to Fort Valley State University:

“This is going to be a fantastic year in the Valley and though times have changed here, SGA continues to have a deep passion for our students and the campus. As you may know, we are in a transition and we recently selected our new President, Dr. Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith. I am ecstatic about our new family member and I am absolutely confident in his ability to continue with the progression of our institution. We believe in Dr. Griffith’s vision for our institution and SGA will cooperate with his plans in efforts to ensure prosperity. We will work on his team to create solutions for the problems that we as students face today. We will fundraise and continue to support our Blue Machine Marching Band, athletics, and scholarships. I know that Dr. Griffith will have a close relationship with our alumni and he will work with SGA to assist us with bridging the gap between the students and the Alumni. We believe that he will contribute his new and unique ideas to keep students here on campus for the weekends. We trust and believe in Dr. Griffith and as the Student Government Association, we look forward to working closely with him. It is best that we continue to add onto what we already have and worked for instead of starting completely over. We need to stress progression, not change.

The SGA has plans to move the campus forward, physically, and spiritually. As we prepare for another scholastic year, please be mindful that SGA is here to serve the student body, and being a member is more than just something to put on your résumé, or something to do to receive recognition. This is an organization that has a commitment to serve the needs and address the desires of the student body. If you are interested in joining SGA, please do not hesitate to contact the SGA Executive Board. I look forward to what this year has in store for us and I cannot wait to meet our new incoming Wildcats of “The” Fort Valley State University! Good luck this semester and remember, you are here for one reason and that is to receive a degree. Let’s aim for perfection and obtain that 4.0 GPA this fall because if I could do it, you can too!”

Ariel Hill – SGA President 2014-2015. Visit FVSU for more information.

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