Bo Marchionite of College 2 Pro is Today’s Honoree

College2ProBo Marchionte brings the next generation NFL gridiron stars of tomorrow to you as the host of College 2 Pro. is built to provide a platform for players from all walks of life to share their stories while pursuing the dream of playing professional football. Where college football meets the NFL go to

College2pro is one of the fastest growing NFL draft prospects website. In addition to our web traffic, we regularly appear on our own podcast. We also regularly appear on local radio talk shows and national syndicated sports broadcasts. Your advertising dollars will expose your company to consumers specifically looking for sports news and gear. With the advent of increased web browser security, target placement ads are no longer reaching their desired audience. With an in-place fan base, your ads will reach the consumers you were looking for again.

Both agents and training facilities are welcomed at due to their indispensable value to every player at this critical stage in their young careers. The ability to establish solid training along with the peace of mind of having the right people representing the players can not be undervalued. That is why we do not hide the fact that we are in it for the players best interest and the interest of all parties involved with the player. Bringing the stars of tomorrow to you today at

Visit Bo Marchionite for more information.


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