Gospel Singer LaToya Pennington is Todays Honoree

LatoyaPenningtonDetermined. That one word solidifies and captures the drive and spirit that LaToya Pennington has for her life and music career. She is a singer, songwriter, producer, and the girl with the captivating smile and personality.

Born and raised in Syracuse, New York. LaToya was heavily influenced at a young age by the church. Her love of music was sparked the day she formed her first choir; she was 8 years old. LaToya humbly admits that she lost focus during her teenage years, but God still had his mark on her. At 17, Latoya felt that nothing was right with her life and she desired a change. She felt convicted and began to truly live her life for God.

LaToya has promised to serve God and to use the gifts he gave her to uplift his name. Thus, the “Heart of a Worshiper” was born. “I am a worshipper and I just want to bless others,” says LaToya. “It’s about uplifting God and touching the heart of those that are seeking his love”.

LaToya has used her vocal ability on many occasions all over the south, east coast and mid west. She was a member of New Unity, a gospel group based out of Indiana. LaToya has also performed and blessed many people during local events in Richmond, IN. In (YEAR), she was offered the the great opportunity to open for Grammy Award and Dove Award winning, Bob Carlyle in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has also performed at several Black National Nazarene Conferences. LaToya’s inspirational album, “Heart of a Worshiper” is an eclectic piece of work that echoes with a fusion of sound from southern gospel, contemporary gospel, R&B/hip-hop, and Latin. “He’s someone who holds my hand…one thing is for certain, He’s never given up on me,” proclaims LaToya in “Finally”.

LaToya’s music is uplifting and inspiring. She is truly a woman of God and someone that is being lead to worship and bless others through her praise, worship and personal testimony. LaToya is definitely an up and coming artist. God is truly paving the way for something great.

Visit LaToya Pennington for more information.

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