Transition Life Coach Dr. Barbara Atkins is Today’s Honoree

BarbaraAtkinsBarbara is an inspiring and motivating Certified Retirement/Transition Life Coach and Facilitator; helping others plan a life of meaning and purpose. She has over 30 years experience in leadership and management. A native of West Virginia and a coal miners daughter, her career history includes owner and President/CEO of a multi-million dollar data processing company and co-owner/Vice President of an executive search firm. She’s worked as a sales and marketing manager and as executive director for a non-profit agency. After fifteen years of coaching professionals in career and business development she created a niche for a new career. While building her businesses, she maintained a viable role in civic, community and political activities receiving numerous awards on a state, local and federal level including the prestigious ATHENA Award and Federal SBA Award.

She took a sabbatical from retirement and discovered retirement was not an option and planned a second career. She said, “I’m too young to retire” and found there’s too much in life to do. She combined her knowledge, skills, experience and wisdom to launched Penna Group, LLC and its Retirement Coaching division, SunRise Beginnings; a Life Transition/Retirement Coaching firm to help others plan the next chapter of life as they view options and make decisions that leads to new beginnings before and after retirement.

Barbara’s clients include the mature adult (age 50+) who are in pursuit of a life of purpose and meaning; individuals who have spent half of their life dreaming of a better lifestyle. They also include those seasoned elders whose energy and vitality has propelled them to exercise their liberated bonus years. These individuals have a desire to make visions and dream a reality. Barbara’s passionate coaching techniques and retirement readiness workshops are designed to stimulate one’s imagination in anticipation for planning the second half of life with purpose and meaning.

Barbara’s business career has been published in Money Magazine, Essence, Washington Post and other publications. In addition to her professional life, Barbara is an avid golfer; she has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Caribbean, Africa, Asia and Europe. She resides in Arizona.

“We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future”

Visit Dr. Barbara Atkins for more information.

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