Small Business Advocate Randy E. King is Today’s Honoree

RandyEKingRandy King for over twenty-seven years has been a leader within America’s small business community. He was a senior leader with the US Chamber of Commerce for fifteen years. Randy was part of the National Training Council with the U. S. Chamber. He was appointed the National Sr. Director to develop the “Major Metro” project that is still in place today.

Randy has consulted with the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) the nation’s most influential small business advocacy group in Washington DC.

Throughout Randy’s career, he has been the keynote speaker and advisor to many fortune 500 companies on performance and development. He is frequently asked to speak at chamber functions and facilitate board retreats for chambers and Associations. He has been interviewed on hundreds of talk radio shows nationwide and internationally.

He served as a faculty member at one of the top university based leadership academies in the country, and conducts training for WACE- (Western Association of Chamber Executives) and ACCE- (American Associations of Chamber Executives).

He is on the advisory councils to the CEO’s of the US Green Chamber of Commerce and Welcome Home Troops, a non-profit Military Support Organization, that provides transition and integration support for American Military Service Members, Veterans and their Families. He has conducted fundraising seminars for the Arizona GOP, and has worked with the YMCA’s “Youth and Government” Y-Leaders program.

He is President/CEO of several performance companies. As a national/international Best-Selling author with 9 business & leadership books to his credit, he has produced and authored a children’s book on what America means to our youth. He has several audio education programs and several “White Papers” on staff performance. He is the co-author of the world renowned, – an interactive 14 language site for young Americans to understand the history of our American Heritage.

His lectures, books, educational site and overall message has been received and viewed by over 97% of countries throughout the world. He is currently working on his next 2 books which he is co-authoring, titled: “Is Anybody Listening?” A solution based Teen to Teen leadership book helping our young students overcoming adversity in school and life. DUPLICITOUS, Creating Real Social & Political Change within Our Nation Today!

Randy lives in Arizona with his wife Linda, and their Doberman, Miso (just like the soup)

Visit Randy E. King for more information.

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