Radio Personality Zo Williams is Today’s Honoree

ZoWilliamsRenard “Zo” Williams has done a masterful job of decoding the complexities of the modern day relationship. A student of urban/alternative culture, Generation X, and world religions, Williams has turned his life experiences and knowledge into a no-nonsense empowerment movement.

The Zo What? Morning Show with Zo Williams takes the best of your traditional morning show, adds a little spice with deeper topics, along with outrageous comedy! He is joined on the show by comedian Geoff Brown and author, consultant and psychiatrist Dr. Mark Goulston. Zo and his esteemed team of panelists discuss a variety of topics such as dysfunctional relationships, religion vs. spirituality, forgiveness, gun violence, family estrangement, monogamy, etc. No topic worth its weight will be able to hide from Zo & Company’s keen eye and balanced perspective. From the taboo to the highly talked about, the show’s premise is to expose different perspectives while the audience gains the ultimate clarity furnished by Zo.

The integrative panel discussion and audience Q&A format enables the show to live successfully on various platforms and has helped Zo take his unique brand of relationship coaching to a new level.  Backed by today’s hottest music, breaking news stories, and much more, the Zo What? Morning Show is the world’s best example of can’t miss radio!

The mission of Zo Williams is simple: 1) to improve relationships within the urban/alternative demographic by increasing effective communication;  2) to provide audiences with truly original content that inspires, educates, and entertains and 3) to facilitate an inventive and unprecedented engagement between the information seeker and the news bearer.

The Show itself is a social experiment. Take In Living Color, Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect, throw in Dr. Oz and Oprah and there you have it— The Zo What? Morning Show: The talk show that listens.

Visit Zo Williams for more information.

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