Sports and Entertainment Manager Carla Ja is Today’s Honoree

CarlaJaCarla Ja of Carla Ja Sports and Entertainment, is a Sports and Entertainment Manager that handle special event production, merchandises, manages athletes and more! She has several boxers and athletes on her roster.


“I am here 2 change the game, I am here 2 speak my dreams into existence, I am here 2 prove you can act with HONESTY and INTEGRITY in business.” ~Carla Ja

Brand Management:

As an athlete or entertainer, you are always representing a brand—your own brand. In order to assist you in growing and maintaining your personal brand, we offer:

  •  PR Arrangement & Press Kit Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Brand Merchandising
  • Sponsorship & Endorsement Coordination
  • Digital & Print Portfolio Creation/Maintenance

Business Management:

We preside over our clients’ contract reviews and negotiations, field all business related calls, and oversee scheduling & calendar management. In addition, the above services are available for client ‘personal management’.

Public Relations:

We establish, maintain, and expand our clients’ influence on media outlets, taste makers, and community organizations. This includes arrangement and scheduling of media inquires, press releases, public & private appearances, and community outreach involvement.

Marketing Solutions:

Through our work in branding and PR, we focus on making our clients as visible and influential as possible. We incorporate this work into website and promotional material, while focusing on content creation and management.

Event Production:

We head special event production and planning from inception to execution

Visit Carla Ja for more information.

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