Film Producer Wiley B. Oscar is Today’s Honoree

WileyOscarFloridian Wiley Benisse Oscar was raised in the tough inner-city streets of Miami, Florida and learned early that “only seeing self pity makes you blind.” The second of three sons whose roots stem from Albany, Georgia, USA (mother) and Port-au-Prince, Haiti (father). Growing up, depending on the government welfare and housing systems, Wiley saw the affects of living in poverty and appreciating the things that were given. “I was a really introverted kid, so I would sit back and observe my environment and the people in it. It was always interesting to see how the people that were the most unhappy, were the people that didn’t appreciate much of the things that they had.” Wiley never forgets the lessons of his youth no matter where his path leads across the world. “As a kid in that tough environment, there weren’t many role models so I feel good that I can now help people see that change is possible, if you really want it to be. And guess what? I can help now… because I realize that have a voice.”

Wiley says he was raised in a very disciplined and tough family. “When we were asked to do something, you learned to get it done immediately and to do it at the best of your abilities. It wasn’t hard to do because you were held responsible for your actions at a very early age. I learned to make wise choices and weather any storm; just as the grown folks in my family did. After seeing that as a child it just became a way of life. That simple. It’s funny how, when I was younger, I would get aggravated at things my folk would ask me to do. Now, as an somewhat responsible adult, I do those same things and see value n it. It’s crazy!”

After graduating from Miami Norland Senior High in the top 10% of his 490+ student body, Wiley chose to accept an offer to attend Florida A&M University. This was an amazing moment because he would be the first of his entire family, both immediate and extended, to ever attend a university. He found that his position in his family was to be a trailblazer and to top it all off by one day bringing his crazy family with him around the world. “It would be similar to a roast, not much serious conversation just a whole lot of jokes about everything and everyone.”

Prior to college he enjoyed learning more about Psychology, Theatre and Computer Engineering. Therefore choosing to study Computer Information Systems with a minor in Business Administration at the historical Florida A&M University (FAMU). “College may not be for everyone, but, everyone surely discovered much about themselves – especially me.” After college he then relocated to Orlando, Florida where he was recruited to a Fortune 200 Corporation. In a chance meeting, a complete stranger encouraged Wiley to model for print ads, which he did, and aggressively follow a path that lives with him now as a entertainer. “To get my feet wet, I auditioned for a small role in a play titled “Purlie Victorious” and (drum roll please) got the lead role instead. Hahaha, what were they thinking, I thought that they were joking with me. I quickly experienced a different jolt of the freedom when I performed that role, I knew that I was where I was supposed to be. At that moment I decided to devote myself to following this craft of acting”.

Afterwards Wiley used his extracurricular time to volunteer in local non-profit theatres, student films, independent films, and various community events; receiving numerous awards and accolades for his performances and community involvement by various organizations. “I vividly remember being on set waiting to film my scene when I realized that I could do this 24 hours a day and never get tired, it was my very own epiphany. Nothing outside of GOD, family, friends and helping others would matter. I’ll tell you this, I don’t know if it’s me over-compensating for not being handed things in my life but I know that seeing others smile brings me peace.”

With the Oscar Media Group (OMG), Wiley has written 2 feature films and 5 short films, of which the first short film, titled “Mirror”, he also executive produced, produced, directed and starred in. “Mirror” went on to be broadcast nationally and accepted at film festivals throughout the country. It can also be purchased online.” It was out of necessity. If I had my way, I would have only performed as an actor in the film, at that point in my career. However, when others aren’t able to help you accomplish your goal, you have to remember that it’s YOUR goal. Would you really want to look back and say I didn’t do it because of others’ schedules, lives, etc conflicted. If you really want it; you’ll make it happen.”  Who would have thought that, that young quiet boy would grow up to be, Wiley B. Oscar, the driven, charismatic, entertaining and fun-loving person that loves life. I just feel that Entertaining is art, Art is a way of life and Life is what I live. If I’m not entertaining – then I’m not living … and if I’m not living then who am I.

Visit Wiley B. Oscar for more information.

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