Gigaré Lifestyle Magazine Editor In Chief Marquez Hughley is Today’s Honoree

MarquezHughleyA native of Opelika, Alabama, Marquez Hughley, is a veteran of the U.S. Army, serving almost 6 years as a Paralegal Specialist, including a deployment to Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. He attained the military rank of Sergeant before his honorable exit in 2005. 

He is a motivational speaker, author, contributing writer, minister, life coach, Morehouse College Alumnus, entrepreneur, 
CEO of Gigaré, Inc. & Editor-In-Chief of Gigaré Lifestyle Magazine.

Marquez Hughley has a B.A. in Theology (2005); and also recently earned a second B.A. in Finance at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia (2012).

“I truly believe that each of us can change the world.  Everyone has the potential to become great in life.  No matter the origin, our destinies are controlled by the choices we make everyday.  It is my desire to coach the greatness out of each individual and cause them to see who they really are.  Truth is:  We’re not in competition with each other.  I realize that I can maximize my potential in life by competing against my own self, in terms of my last achievement, goal, or success reached.”   ~ Marquez Hughley

Visit Marquez Hughley for more information.

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