Will Davis of Doing Thangs Productions is Today’s Honoree

WillDavisWill Davis is a native of Gary, Indiana and a proud father of 5.  In 1995, Davis, known to many as “Will D”, made Phoenix, Arizona his home after being stationed at Ft. Huachuca while serving in the United States Army. During his service, he began to establish himself as an entrepreneur, booking national artists for the Army Troops and various other events on base.

In addition to his love and close connections with entertainment, Davis, also set high standards in the Communications Industry using his marketing expertise to establish a presence and solid professional reputation.   More than just a business transaction, as with all ventures that Davis is involved in, the personal approach to relationship building is what led to his success in the Mortgage Financing Industry, having trained over 300 loan officers in Arizona, Indiana and Illinois. When our national economy took a down-turn, Davis established Doing Thangs Productions where he would return to one of his passions; bringing people together through entertainment.

Doing Thangs Productions, also known as “DTP”, is the premier director and coordinator of seminars, theatrical events, fundraisers, concerts and other nationally known festivals. Having managed artists and produced shows, Davis’ vision is to create an environment where he can manage unique experiences while merging the community together; Arizona Reggae Festival, also founded by Davis, does just that. In 2013, the bond of the world’s most universal genre was celebrated by all ages, all cultures, all in one place. AZ Reggae Festis built on the premise of unity of all people and is the largest and only festival in Arizona that gathers the most diverse audience. Captivated by food, music, culture, national and regional reggae artists, the AZ Reggae Fest has become an annual staple with national recognition. This collaboration also allows Davis to foster awareness to local charities that he holds dear to his heart.

Visit Will Davis for more information.

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1 Response to Will Davis of Doing Thangs Productions is Today’s Honoree

  1. Looking forward to working with Will in 2014…
    Artasight Productions

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