Productivity Expert Dr. Vernet Joseph is Today’s Honoree

VernetJosephDr. V.A. Joseph is a Mentor, Speaker, Passion & Productivity Expert, Serial Entrepreneur, and a Military Officer. Having received his tireless work ethic from his Haitian parents, he has started several businesses ranging from apparel to publishing. He currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Gigare, Inc. an online men’s business professional corporation and the President of Gigare Lifestyle Magazine an online lifestyle publication.

Dr. V.A. has become known around the world as “America’s #1 P3 Expert” and “Mr. Productivity.” Those that know Dr. V.A. from his youth could recognize the spark of productivity from the onset. One conversation and you know he is about living life to the fullest. Coming from a Haitian family anchored by military service, the Joseph men have served a combined 100 years of military service to date. Watching his father serve as an ambassador of help to Haiti ignited the fire in him for service.

Dr. V. A. Joseph spends countless hours empowering people to utilize simple principles and practices to live a more productive and effective life. He deals with real life issues and concerns to help others live a lifestyle of productivity.

“You are not living, unless you are living to produce!”

Dr. V.A. Joseph life’s mission is to help individuals to discover, develop, and deploy their passions to live productive lives. He travels around the globe to speak to audiences on topics such as: leadership development, personal development, diversity, and conflict resolution. In a simplistic yet powerful way, he captures his audiences from beginning to end. Having spoken to over 500 audiences, he continues to inspire others through his passion for the development of people.

Visit Dr. V.A. Joseph for more information.

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