Music And The Brain Founder Lisha Lercari is Today’s Honoree

LishaA former NYC teacher who’s passionate about teaching music to young children, Lercari is the founder of Music and the Brain, a non-profit program that offers public school students the tools to learn, read and play music through classroom keyboard instruction.

Over 100 schools and 55,000 children in New York City, around the country and overseas are enrolled in the program, particularly important for youngsters in grades K-6 in lower socio-economic neighborhoods.

Inspired by scientific and neurological research linking music and cognitive development, Music and the Brain (MATB) includes invaluable teacher training, piano books, keyboards, CDs, and rhythm cards. In too many schools, music education resources are often lacking, and this comprehensive and sequential curriculum is designed for success in all levels (particularly K-6).

Lisha1Moved by a Newsweek cover story entitled “Your Child’s Brain”, New York City’s 42nd Street Fund developed MATB as a classroom keyboard instruction program. The article highlighted research linking cognitive abilities and music in the developing minds of children. The Fund believed the encouraging laboratory research should lead to real life improvements in NYC public school education.

Check out this article on Take about Music and The Brain that will give you more insight into this great program.


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