Elizabeth Golden of Golden Earth is Today’s Honoree

Elizabeth Golden started Golden Earth with one goal in mind: to bring wellness to the planet. Elizabeth feels called by the universe to share her gift and vision of spiritual, healthy living which she learned through her expertise as an aromatherapist and a student of ancient healing practices and teachings.we use organic essential oils or wild crafted essential oils in our products that are “all natural,”

Elizabeth follows through on her promises and infuses her products with 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils and other high quality natural ingredients that are nourishing to the body, sustainable and promote healing and overall wellness for the body, mind and spirit.

We at Golden Earth are dedicated to educating our customers about essential oils and the amazing gifts contained within each essential oil, including all the healing properties that help support us in our daily lives and help us feel balanced,  the products we provide are as healthy and as beneficial as we can make them. using the essential oils is the key to healthy living and one of mother earth’s most powerfully therapeutic plants, we have created a full line of natural perfumes, chakra oils, aromatherapy body lotions, massage lotions, and other body care products.

Beyond Golden Earth’s calling of educating and promoting wellness for our customers through our therapeutic grade essential oil products, we are dedicated to promoting the wellness of the earth and all of her inhabitants. in accordance with that mission, we at golden earth do what we can to keep our planet clean and healthy.

We are a member of the Green Products Alliance, a supporter of Green America, and a member of the Organic Trade Association. Our company is proud to recycle and re-use to help sustain our beautiful planet.  We re-use all of the boxes and other packing materials we receive from our suppliers. Golden earth also supports a number of local and national charities that are working toward improving the lives of people and animals. we are a supporter of safety harbor kids, a charity for orphans and homeless children, as well as the youth mentoring connection, and child help which is a wonderful organization for abused and neglected children . We also support PETA and various animal support and rescue organizations.

Visit Elizabeth Golden for more information.

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