ForU Entrepreneur Deborah Ngundam is Today’s Honoree

DebFriI came to America from Cameroon in Africa several years ago and all I wanted was to get an education and get a job. But it was a struggle. I struggled and completed the education and got the job; but quickly discovered that the secret to winning big in America is not just getting a job, as I struggled with my finances, and I struggled with time. When I had a lot of time, I wasn’t making a lot of money, and when I was making a lot of money, I didn’t have a lot of time.Then I discovered the Network Marketing industry and ForU International*. It totally transformed my thinking and took my life to a totally different but very rewarding experience. I found the most sought after balance between time and money and I now totally get what America is all about. It’s not the jobs; it’s that entrepreneurial spirit that gets you into the top 3%!  And now I’m well on my way. I am a Director & Shareholder at ForU International. You can check out my business page on Facebook at:NutriGenomics – Personalized Nutrition Based on Genotype ForU International has a mission to make a difference in people’s lives with a revolutionary breakthrough in Personalization: Products Made For You Based on Your DNA. Partner with the ForU brand.

*ForU international is Shaping a New Healthcare Frontier.  ForU™ — A Specialized Health Beauty & Wellness Products Company – offers ultra high quality, genetically guided products – individually customized just for you. ForU is a wholly owned direct-selling subsidiary of a publicly traded genetic biosciences company (GeneLink, Inc.) that uses DNA-based genetic tests as the basis for personalizing health, beauty and wellness products.

ForU markets its propriety genetic assessments and applied compounds to the $100 Billion plus, cosmetic, nutritional supplement, and health care industries. (OTCBB: GNLK) ForU is passionately focused on delivering the promise of truly personalized health, beauty and wellness solutions. To us, this means creating innovative products and services that help people look better, feel better and live longer, healthier lives.


  • DNA Assessments (One Size Does NOT Fit All. Finally, Personalized Nutrition and Skincare Products Based on Your Unique Genetic Code – Your DNA. It begins with a cheek swab.)
  • Nutritional Supplements Personalized to Your DNA
  • Skin Care Personalized to Your DNA
  • FUEL – Natural Energy – Fat Burner – Mood Enhancer
  • The Perfect Shake Meal Supplement – Genetically Guided

Visit Deborah Ngundam for more information.

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