Photographer Juliana Bo is Today’s Honoree

JuliannaBoJuliana’s  appreciation for landscapes began in the Czech Republic, where she undertook many hiking and camping trips.

After graduation from High school, Juliana Bo moved to the United States in 2000 and began her American journey in New York City.

Juliana has traveled across America,  Europe, Australia, South America and Antarctica  over the last decade, making a few detours to such exotic islands as Hawaii, Fiji and Bora Bora. Among Juliana’s favorite scenic locations in the Caribbean are Saint Lucia and the Virgin Islands. Juliana just launched her professional photography career in the summer of 2013 and would like to share her pictures on her new website

When it comes to inspiration, Juliana points to renowned landscape photographer Peter Lik, whom she met while in the field in Maui in August 2013. Now a resident of Florida, she also admires the works and Floridian styles of Alan Maltz and Clyde Butcher.

Juliana enjoys physical fitness activities like hiking and working out, art museums and photography galleries, and traveling.

Visit Juliana Bo for more information.

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