9 Year Old Author Makenzie Lawrey is Today’s Honoree

Gavin Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and 9-year-old Makenzie Lawrey is just that!.

When Gavin Lawrey was diagnosed in January 2012 with Mitochondrial Disease,
a life-threatening disease, his big sister Makenzie had a difficult time
understanding what was wrong with him. She became determined to write a book
to help educate other families, including those living with “Mito” too, about the disease, while also helping to raise funds for research toward a cure.

MightyMittoWith some help , Brandi, Makenzie’s first children’s book, Mighty Mito Superhero
was born and the preteen self-published it via
Amazon’s CreateSpace, making Gavin’s heroic story available to families around the world.

On a mission to save her little brother and others suffering from Mito, Makenzie is a little girl with BIG dreams. She wants the whole world to know
what Mito is and the kinds of incredible superheroes kids with Mito are. She believes one day doctors will find a cure – and she’s already well on her way to realizing her goal of raising $1 million! Between sales from her self-published book and donations from others whom Gavin’s story has touched, Makenzie has raised nearly $40,000 for the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF), and counting.

Through countless Facebook messages and emails, families around the globe have reached out to Makenzie and her family, thanking them for sharing Gavin’s inspiring story and shedding light on the disease and praising Makenzie as a hero for helping her brother and others facing similar situations. But, to Makenzie, it’s her brother who’s the real hero. (She
even dedicated her book to “my superhero brother, Gavin.”)

Every 30 minutes a child is born that will develop Mitochondrial disease- but Makenzie and her family are working to change that reality for the better. Through their efforts, the Lawrey family, which lives in Cape Coral, FL, continues to boost awareness and pave the way for a brighter day for kids and families affected by Mito.

Visit Hope 4 Mito for more information.

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