Celebrity Publicist Jakeem Smith is Today’s Honoree

JakeemJakeem C. Smith, a well-known Atlanta based publicist whose passion is developing stories of people lives one major event or publication at a time! Jakeem’s enthusiasm for photography began in elementary school where you could find him capturing his friends in the hallway between classes and all the way through high school where he served as the school’s main yearbook photographer.

After high school, Jakeem initiated his career path by moving to Atlanta, GA and attending the Art Institute of Atlanta to pursue his dream as a professional photographer. Jakeem was first inspired by his Aunt Nikki who passes away in 1998 of breast cancer. Growing up, he remembers her capturing cherished moments by challenging herself to see what no one else could see. He recalls that even during her sickness she was still snapping pictures of family and friends to encapsulate memories she knew she would one day leave behind. Jakeem often feels her spirit while shooting and is motivated to be more creative and innovative than before, Jakeem’s love for photography show at every opportunity to take pictures and he hopes that his clients are also inspired by his work.

Branching from photography, his public relations work came about while working with celebrities such as Nicci Gilbert on R&B Divas Atlanta. Jakeem now holds the most exclusive press and products in Atlanta and his clients and client products can be seen on 106 & Park, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, R&B Divas Atlanta and LA, Big Rich Atlanta, and OWN’s Houston Beauty.

Jakeem’s company Jay Productions is a public relations agency, offering the utmost level of personal and creative strategic planning and services. We have gained a well-earned reputation as a respected, integrated communications agency representing our clients’ to our full potential. Combining public relations, promotions, strategic development, marketing, film, photography and event planning, Jay Productions creates campaigns that exceed client expectations. Creative campaigns are conceived with a client’s short and long term objectives so that public relations programs merge with client marketing and goals and increase their vision.

At Jay Productions, we believe in interactive and close client-agency relationships. We study a company, product or idea from every angle and each act we take is designed to achieve results. We pride ourselves on our innovative strategic planning, creativity and successful team effort with our clients. Our Mission We embrace distinctive and controversial public relations situations. When companies or individuals seek publicity and the limelight, we are tenacious, we celebrate successes and always make it entertaining. At the same time, we will create an organization that will be able to attract and retain exceptionally talented individuals and we will all work together to perfect the arts of marketing and communications.

Visit Jakeem Smith for more information .

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