TroopsDirect Founder Aaron Negherbon is Today’s Honoree

TroopsDirectIn 2010, San Ramon, CA-based Aaron Negherbon received an email from a friend
who was serving with the Marines in Afghanistan and commanding 150
forward-deployed troops. In the note, the soldier mentioned to Aaron that
they were badly in need of supplies.

Aaron, who at the time had a successful career in real estate after selling a fleet of auto franchises, took it upon himself to purchase and send his friend the basic supplies he asked for.

In his note of thanks, Aaron’s friend told him how much the effort had meant to his troops. Aaron then learned that despite the military’s best efforts sometimes the requisition process (and funding priorities) was such that the troops weren’t receiving the things they truly needed in a timely matter.

But it was what our soldiers really needed that motivated Aaron to walk away from his professional career and take action.

When individuals and organizations send CARE packages to our troops they often consist of C.D’s, books, magazines and other “comforts of home” intended to make their lives a bit more tolerable.

But Aaron learned that while those items are appreciated, what the soldiers really needed were stretchers, gauze, ballistic eye protection, gun lubricant, bullet proof vests, special chalk for marking IED’S and many other items most would think are readily available.

Aaron’s response then is what it is today. “What do you need?” And then he delivers.

TroopsDirect is a 501(c)3 that fulfills supply requests that come directly from forward-deployed soldiers and their commanders. Since inception, Aaron has been responsible for shipping roughly 180 tons of desperately needed supplies to American troops throughout the world.

It’s important to note that while 60% of each donated dollar earmarked directly for charitable programs is considered “average” by the American Institute of Philanthropy and 75% is “highly efficient,” TroopsDirect currently has a 92% rate. All financials can be made available to you upon request.

Aaron Negherbon never served in the military and he didn’t have to turn away from a financially lucrative career. But he did.  And he did because he felt it was his duty. For Aaron, that duty has turned in to not just a passion but an honor and serves as a shining example of the impact one person can have on the lives of others.

Visit TroopsDirect for more information.

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