Personal Trainer Daniel Macari is Today’s Honoree

DanielMacariDaniel Macari was born Dec 8 1990 and raised in New Hyde Park, NY. At the age of 14 he first began lifting at a gym. This spurred a passion that would change his life.

By the time Daniel was 17 he had decided to compete in power lifting, a sport comprising of 1 rep maxes in the Squat, bench Press and, Dead lift. It was this love of lifting and surpassing his own goals that lead him to enter the field of personal training.

Through personal training Daniel has been able to bring the joy of lifting to people of all ages ranging from 13 to 82 years old. Some of those people have gone on to competing in various lifting competitions while many have bettered their lives and beat their goals.

In addition to training others Mr. Macari continues to pursue his own lifting goals and, by the age of 22 he had achieved competition bests of a 575lb squat, 395l Bench Press and 655lb Deadlift.

Currently Daniel Macari is one of the owners of Crossfit Strong Island located in Merrick NY. This business has puts Daniel in position to work with even more athletes and gives opportunities to work with them beyond the confines of a traditional gym, having approximately 6,000 square feet to work with.

Visit Daniel Macari for information.

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