Leadership Mastery for Women CEO Felicia Davis is Today’s Honoree

FeliciaDavisI am proud to be a wife of 20 years, mother of three, a leadership branding strategist and most importantly a child of God. I have been blessed with many successes including more than two decades of experience in Human Resources, most recently as an HR Executive, 11 years as an Entrepreneur, founder of a community-benefit, 501(c) 3 organization for girls and a Producer of sold-out women’s conferences, retreats and cause related celebrity events.

I now focus my time as the Founder & President of Joyful Transformations, Inc., a 501(c) 3 organization leadership development and mentoring organization for women and girls. As a leadership mentor and coach, I’ve been told that my unique ability to unearth the untapped potential in others helps remove blind spots, enabling them to see their vision of success with precision and clarity. Because of this, my clients become fully empowered with the confidence and courage necessary to lead with radical integrity and daring. I share my thoughts, tips and advice on leadership via speaking engagements, workshops & my biweekly e-newsletter: Ascension, which offers sage advice for savvy women leaders.

Two years ago, my life changed forever when I suffered my second stroke at the tender age of 41. What’s even more alarming is that I didn’t know I had the first one until the tests revealed that another part of my brain was dead. I had all the signs leading up to this, but I was too busy being busy that I wasn’t listening to God’s whisper telling me that something about my ‘busy & very stressful’ life needed to change.

This is exactly why I now devote 100% of my time helping women develop impeccable leadership brands that get them recognized, respected and rewarded for their value. Most importantly, I advocate and cultivate leadership with strong boundaries that you never, ever compromise…not even for a job.

I am excited to be the author of the upcoming book: The Leadership Mastery Formula: How to Create a Magnetic Brand that Gets You Noticed, Known & Called Upon for Your Brilliance! The book teaches women what it takes to prevent being treated like a commodity by developing a well-respected leadership brand that positions them as value-driven contributors to the business.


  • I have an insane addiction to gummy worms. In fact, my family has threatened an intervention and often take them from me when I’m not looking.
  • I absolutely love stilettos. I have at least 100 pair.
  • My all-time favorite movie is Training Day. I could never get enough of Denzel being a bad boy.
  • I buy at least 2 new books a month – all on professional development. Right now I am sinking my teeth into Unleash the Power of the Female Brain by Dr. Daniel G. Amen
  • I turned down an invitation to appear on Oprah. I know, I know..it’s a long story.
  • I love to sing and used to pretend I was Anita Baker when I was a kid.
  • I feel strong and in my power when I activate my ‘Fierce , Free and Fired Up, alter ego.
  • My closest friends call me Fee.
  • I am intensely passionate about empowering women and being a co-creator in their success and I am abundantly grateful that my work is more like play everyday.

Visit Felicia Davis for more information.

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