Jill Of All Trades Leeann Brzozowski is Today’s Honoree

LeeannBLeeann Brzozowski, Jill-of-all-trades encompasses the worlds of sports, entertainment, and design.  Not only culturally mixed, being born of Korean and Polish decent, Leeann offers a professional array of knowledge and services always luxuriating everything her hand touches.

Growing up near a racetrack in Englishtown, NJ, she realized her passion for sports and adrenaline-inducing activities at an early age. It all began in her teenage years when she was asked to work in the control tower at Raceway Park operating the racing tree.

"I'm number #86 that is about to make the tackle."

“I’m number #86 that is about to make the tackle.”

She continued her athletic journey as a varsity field hockey player in high school and then took the Hail Mary leap into professional women’s tackle football in 2007. After playing with the New York Sharks as an outside linebacker for 4 years, Leeann couldn’t fathom retiring her football passion all together. Fortunately, a former teammate and dear friend recruited her to be the chief correspondent for Gridiron Queendom, the ultimate online destination for women and girls who play or are fans of American football . From field hockey to football, Leeann continues to offer her sports knowledge and passion on and off the field.

As a graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Leeann’s revolving door of trades swings onto the design scene as she works with celebrity clients to furnish their homes and businesses. Managing both residential and contract accounts for high-end furniture designer, A. Rudin, she is able to fulfill her creative appetite and bring value to her clients’ homes, businesses and sanctuaries.

In 2008, Leeann determined a way to create a simple way to give her clients access to her resources and connect them to her unique network. As founder and CEO of the New York City based company, QiLiving, a concierge business specializing in providing products and services that support the environment, Leeann works to simplify her clients lives while showing love to our precious planet.

"With Wyclef Jean at the New York Auto Show."

“With Wyclef Jean at the New York Auto Show.”

Leeann didn’t earn the nickname, “Hostess with the Mostess” by sitting on the sidelines. This moniker refers to Leeann’s career as a host on screen, as well as at various personal and professional events. Her long-time friend, Kimatni Rawlins, co-founder of Automotive Rhythms invited her into the spotlight in 2011 as a guest host to cover events such as The New York Auto Show, the Super Bowl and Indy 500. Since her home is where her heart is, Leeann opens her own doors regularly to her beloved circle of friends to celebrate the smallest and biggest of life’s occasions.

When Leeann gets to let her hair down and puts work on pause, she takes pleasure in competitive running, boxing, surfing, cooking and even flying planes. Most importantly, Leeann holds her family in high regard making sure her parents, sister, brother-in-law and nephew are at the top of her priority list. Her family also includes her church family. As a member and Pastor’s Aide at World Changers Church New York, she is able to feed her spirit daily and continue to follow the divine path God has prepared for her.LeeannPilot

Ultimately, Leeann strives to do everything she does with a 300-fold expectancy. She believes we can experience heaven here on earth by discovering and nurturing our God-given gifts. One of her mantras is “if you don’t fear, don’t settle, and don’t quit, you can be a champion at anything you set out to accomplish.  Just believe.”

For more information follow Leeann Brzozowski at http://www.twitter.com/leeleebz.

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