Massage Therapist to the Stars Melissa Gasson is Today’s Honoree

Melissa“Famous amongst the famous” is how most people would refer to Melissa Gasson. She is an Entrepreneur and a licensed massage therapist.  Eight years into her craft, Melissa has excelled in her profession and has created an exclusive, referral only business, of A-List clientele, consisting of professional athletes, celebrities, hedge fund owners, and the very wealthy.

Melissa is a native New Yorker, who grew up in Scarsdale NY, in the county of Westchester.  Having a nurse for mother and a father who was active in business and entrepreneurship, Melissa learned the importance of being nurturing and healing as well as busy-savvy and street smart.  Not to mention, as one of four kids, how to get the attention of a room.

As she entered college at Boston University, she knew that she could never work a 9-to-5, or sit a desk.  After exploring several different business ventures and trades, she decided to enroll into New York City’s Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy, to focus on a career in a trade she knew from a young age she always enjoyed.  With a knack for networking and a passion for building relationships, Melissa was quickly able to build a notable client base.  If asked what one of her greatest career highlights is, she’ll tell you it was the opportunity to travel to the Super Bowl with her clients on the NY Giants, & work on them before their winning game.

Melissa1In more recent years, Melissa has focused on massage therapy and alternative medicine/treatments.  As someone who tries to heal with her hands, she also embraces a positive attitude and healthy lifestyle and encourages those around to do the same.

When Melissa is not with clients, she is focusing on her entrepreneurial interests, namely, her electric bike company (, and some other opportunities she has in the works. This up and comer is always thinking bigger and brighter; one glance at her twitter account, and you’ll see she motivates all those around her to do the same.

Visit Melissa Gasson for more information.

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