Choice Administrators CEO Ron Goldstein is Today’s Honoree

RonGoldsteinLong before healthcare reform introduced the concept of health insurance exchanges to the American public, Ron Goldstein was trailblazing his own kind of health insurance reform aimed at providing employees and business owners with affordability, increased choice, and greater healthcare access. In fact, it’s not overstating to say America is just now catching up with some of the ideas and principles Ron has championed for three decades.

Ron began his career in 1981 with John Hancock Insurance and later served as regional vice president with Dun & Bradstreet Plan Services. In 1990 Ron joined the Word & Brown General Agency as vice president of general agency operations. Six years later Ron was instrumental in launching CaliforniaChoice. He helped conceptualized and design the first private multi-carrier small group exchange, which introduced defined-contribution and employee-choice concepts, both foundations for today’s public and private exchanges. In addition to CaliforniaChoice, Ron introduced four additional private exchanges to the market including CaliforniaChoice 51+, Kaiser Permanente Choice Solution, HSA California, and the nation’s first ancillary exchange – Choice Builder.

This multi-carrier exchange model Ron helped introduce allows employers to determine how much they want to contribute to employee benefits, and empowers employees to take the contribution and apply it toward the health insurance option that best fits their needs. A private exchange like CaliforniaChoice offers employees access to up to six different carriers and a number of HMO, PPO, and EPO plan designs. Not surprisingly, Ron’s idea quickly took hold and CaliforniaChoice is now the nation’s most successful small group private exchange with more than 10,000 participating employers and 150,000 employees.

Today, Ron is president and CEO of CHOICE Administrators, the nation’s leading developer and administrator of health insurance exchanges, and he is quickly becoming one of the nation’s foremost thought leaders, speakers, authors, and ongoing champions for health insurance that makes sense.

Visit CHOICE Administrators for more information.

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