Invisible Disabilities Association Founder Wayne Connell Is Today’s Honoree

WayneConnellThe Invisible Disabilities Association (IDA) has been Encouraging, Educating and Connecting People and Organizations Touched by Illness, Pain and Injury around the Globe since 1997. President Wayne Connell founded IDA because of his wife’s disability.

Sherri used to sing and dance in musicals, work and ride her horse, but can no longer care for her daily needs due to Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis, Late-Chronic Lyme Disease and Toxic Chemical Injury.

Wayne is joined by business and medical professionals on the IDA Boards who truly care about those living with chronic conditions. Together, IDA creates awareness, education and support through videos, radio, pamphlets, booklets, seminars, events, online social network, various projects and more.

People are often surprised when they find out Wayne asked Sherri to marry him, despite her disabilities. Wayne just knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Sherri, even if it meant dealing with pain and suffering. However, Wayne had no idea that his decision would lead to having a heart for all who live with chronic illness and pain.Wayne’s desire to help others who struggle with disabilities has become a passion for him. Wayne has seen so many friends and families torn apart by chronic conditions. This is why he founded this organization, Invisible Disabilities Association.

Visit Invisible Disabilities Association for more information

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