Bridal Jewelry Expert Scott Kay is Today’s Honoree

ScottKayFor over 25 years, Scott Kay has been acclaimed the foremost authority in bridal and fine fashion jewelry. In fact, industry polls confirm Scott Kay is the number one best-selling bridal brand.

Scott Kay is a world-renowned platinum-smith. While he hand forges the world’s finest jewelery in all precious metals, he only knows how to craft from a platinum mindset and artisan hands.

Scott Kay is a unique fine jewelry artisan who lives by a self-motivated credo: Never Compromise. This steadfast ethic follows into every aspect of his lifestyle, from designing classic and innovative fine jewelry to educating the industry and consumers on critical precious metal, bridal, fashion and marketing issues.

Credited for the platinum resurgence in America after it was banned for ornamental during World War II, Scott Kay vowed to bring the precious metal back to the forefront and triumphantly succeeded.

Scott has revisited his adoration for gold in its natural golden state by introducing the 19KT Fine Gold Collection and now offers 14KT Fine Gold creations as well. Increasing his palette with another natural metal allows him the opportunity to create works of golden brilliance for a broader and more diverse consumer.

Continuing his pioneering spirit, Scott Kay has been the worldwide spokesperson for Palladium, a sister metal to Platinum. From the cover of the Wall Street Journal to every major industry magazine, Scott Kay remains the most vocal advocate of Palladium.

Most recently, Scott Kay introduced SK Cobalt. The world’s most superior, 100% solid, pure, naturally white and amazingly durable contemporary metal. With price points starting at $220.00, this is clearly affordable luxury backed by a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing these designs are created entirely in America.

Scott Kay has made over 500 television appearances and his engagement ring designs have been selected for the wedding series broadcast on NBC’s Today Show and ABC’s Good Morning America. Scott Kay’s success is due in part to an intense passion and focus in everything he touches. “Never Compromise when selecting a future family heirloom,” Scott Kay.

Visit Scott Kay for more information.

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