Eliann Handbag Designer Anzhelika Steen Olsen is Today’s Honoree

EliannAs a child I remember making handbags for my dolls, using shoe lace, velvet, beads, flower petals -even pecan shells. I learned no richer source to spark my creative fires. I became obsessed with creating wearable art through imaginative interpretations of forms and media.


Years later, I understood the appeal and relevance of a handbag. As one of the cardinal ways women communicate, fit in; using it as a talismanic social symbol and a glamorous and impenetrable chaperon. Though working in finance at the time, I knew my natural desire -to partake in something that became a corridor in a woman’s subconsciousness, a way to navigate her self in the world, and something fated to engage in.


After being personally touched by 9/11, my life was affected in ways that sent me on a journey which directs me here today.

My art and passion for life hopes to find freedom in creation, transcending beauty to capture a femagination while challenging mine. Upon my daughter’s arrival, so came the birth of my brand. This carries her call and continues a love affair with inspiration from the seasons. Art like love…all or nothing.

Eliann is a brand reborn at the heart of high fashion design and architectural beauty. Clad in exotic skins, a luxurious precious-metal badge, uniquely composed and finely crafted. Our contemporary and signature homage of traditional tastes in a modern classic marriage. Eliann couture is the unattainable made irresistible.

After two successful Henri Bendel Shows, and endorsements from major celebs and socialites including Katherine Winnick, Eliann Couture now makes its mark in Los Angeles, at the height of fashion, at none other than the Hotel Bel-Air.

A highly desirable new luxury brand, Eliann is uncaged beauty. These one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces are created for similarly exceptional women. Clad in exotic skins, a luxurious precious-metal badge, uniquely composed and finely crafted, these exquisite pieces make a bold statement.

Visit Anzhelika Steen Olsen for more information.

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