High Level Stylist Ava L. Freeman is Today’s Honoree

AvaFreemanFrom the modest upbringing in Clarksville, Tennessee; Ava L.Freeman with her dual license in Cosmetology and Natural Hair has managed to stay humble through her strong belief in God, her natural propensity for beauty, hair, and fashion, and her amazing caring spirit. In an industry that, even though beauty and sincerity is the desired outcome, Ava L. Freeman has proven that the limelight can be shared. In her 14 plus years as a stylist and Hair Loss and Replacement Specialist and lifting others self-esteem through her dedicated and passionate visions; there is no wonder The Clarksville Leaf Chronicle editor’s wrote an article stating she is an artist “Combing her way to Celebrity Status.”

Ava has traveled all over the United States and has embraced a diversity of cultures and hair textures. She specializes in bringing beauty to a multitude of women by keeping abreast of the ever changing hair and fashion trends. She is a dedicated hair enthusiast. She has made a name for herself by first and foremost caring about the health of her clients’ hair by the use of top of the line hair products and going above and beyond to educate her clients and others on the correct care of their hair. She has blessed others, such as students from cosmetology schools like Queen City Barber and Cosmetology School and others, with her knowledge of hair and the correct way to transition from school to salon. Through Bronner Brothers and her weekly radio show Higher Level Talks Hair on 760 AM she educates on all things hair.

In 2013, Ava was the guest artist and Creative Director for film and TVshow such as The Tankards-Thicker than Water Reality Show which aired on Bravo November 10, 2013. She was Lead Hair Stylist for Easy First Sunday (a reoccurring event), and the Pilot, Once upon a Wifetime and was Lead Stylist and Body Artist for the Nashville Film Festival’s Edible Fashionistas. On runway, Ava has been privileged to be Creative Director and Head Hair and Body Artist, Choreographer of Scene “Return Hair from the Dead,” and was the featured guest Hair Loss Specialist for Rip the Runway.  She has presented her hair styles for UPSCALE Fashion Show and was lead hair stylist for Model Palooza BET Awards & Left Eye Music and was Creative Director and Lead Hair Stylist for the BET Awards, Official after Party Festival Ryme and Dime.

She has been featured in The Clarksville Leaf Chronicle in 2012 with “Get your fabulous back, and your Hair, too!” and in 2013 “Stylist, Combing her way to celebrity status.” Also, in 2013 she was a Hair Extension Specialist Nominee and in 2010 won 1st and 3rd place in the Annual Rip the Runway Away, Best Specialist of the Year, with her rendition of the Avatar and the Corps Bride. And if that wasn’t enough she was the Creative Director with her Higher Level Team for Rip The Runway Hair and Fashion Show that same year. Her bio, hair styles and fashions have been presented in Editorials and print such as The Perfect Wedding Guide (2013),  Xtreme Hairstyles Magazine, vol. 2 (2009), IMG’S Focus on This (2010) and the Convenient Shopper (2006-present).

Ava continues to stay abreast of the trends and styles of hair and fashion by continuing to educate herself. She holds certifications and have extensive study in Brazilian Blowout Straighten System and Bonner Brothers Continuing Education for Platform Artists & Isabella’s Own (2012), Dream Catchers Hair Extensions, Tracy Madre Extension Systems and Hair Replacement (2011), Mizani Hair Products (2009), Nioxin Hair Loss Specialist and Scalp Systems(2003), Design Essentials and Goldwell Continuing Color Education (2000).

Today, Ava has stayed loyal to her original vision of educating her client’s on the proper way to take care of their hair; however, she’s about to have a critical role in a celebrity event in Gatlinburg as Creative Director and Lead Stylist for Set Network’s Urban Ski Weekend, that will begin January 31, 2014 and will travel to various cities throughout the United States.

Visit Ava L. Freeman for more information.

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