Water Heater Innovator Jerry Callahan is Today’s Honoree

JerryCallahanIn 2006, veteran engineer Jerry Callahan was searching for a tankless electric water heater for the outdoor shower he was building. He was discouraged from buying any of the existing products because of their high failure rate and complexity in selecting the correct model. Jerry took on the challenge and invented the patented technology  that is the core of ISI. Since then, ISI has spent thousands of hours in their laboratory to prove and commercialize this revolutionary technology. In addition to the Heatworks product, ISI continues to apply their breakthrough technology to new markets and industries.

Unparalleled Business Flexibility:

ISI Technology is committed to making its technology accessible to individuals and companies regardless of size. ISI’s flagship product, the HeatWorks MODEL 1 tankless water heater, are available nationwide through its flexible reseller program which can accommodate any sized partner from independent contractors to national retail chains. ISI also licenses its patented technology to a wide variety of industrial, commercial, and scientific companies.

Jerry’s  Kickstarter campaign flew past his 125K goal within the first 10 days, and is now at over $200K. He has a track record of innovating to make lives easier, as seen from a local interview back in 2012, when he made changed the way propane tanks are exchanged instead of filled with the success of a company he helped found, Blue Rhino, who now has tens of thousands of service locations in stores like The Home Depot all across the country.

Visit Jerry Callahan for more information.

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