America’s Marriage Coach Dr. Jacqueline Del Rosario is Today’s Honoree

DrDelKnown as America’s Marriage Coach, Dr. Jacqueline Del Rosario has developed proven tools to help couples delve through their quarrels and discover healthy approaches to marital circumstances across all boarders. As a marriage coach and wife for over 20 years, Dr. Jacquie continues to travel coast to coast speaking on and discussing the plights attached to the institution of marriage and under privileged families.

Dr. Jacquie’s mantra derives from the idea that the foundation of any society starts in the individual homes of people. In her mission to improve individuals’ likelihood for marital success, Dr. Del Rosario also founded ReCapturing the Vision (RTV), a globally recognized nonprofit dedicated to helping the youth and their families overcome negative trends that lead to generational cycles of failure and dependency, a veracity far too common within inner-city neighborhoods of America. ReCapturing the Vision’s programs have received over $20 million in federal, state and local funding; the organization has, to date, steadily propelled empowerment into the lives of the adolescents, their families in school, at home and within their respective communities.

As a result of her astounding body of work, Dr. Jacquie has been endowed with keys to several cities, multimillions in funding, bi-partisan recognition from two US presidents and governors, all while guiding thousands toward a more enriched path in life. Her catalog of national TV appearances includes but is not limited to FOX News, CNN, NBC, Black Enterprise and Martha Stewart.

Dr. Jacquie holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Master’s in Education, and a Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership. She resides in Miami, FL with her husband and two sons.

  • TV and Media Expert on Marriage Coaching
  • Certified State-Approved Premarital Course Provider
  • Renowned Public Speaker
  • Marriage Coach
  • Education Enthusiast

Visit Dr. Jacquie for more information.

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