1st Class Consultant Mechelle Tucker is Today’s Honoree

MTDeemed “The Networkers Networker,” creative authority Mechelle Tucker is the Founder and Proprietor of 1st Class Consultant, LLC, a boutique consulting firm whose mission is to assist clientele in networking strategies, media relations, celebrity bookings, career advice, social media marketing and the creation of events that make lasting impressions to mandate providing a healthy return on investment.

New opportunities and new clients are the life blood of your business and 1st Class Consultant’s number one goal is to provide the development, education and branding assistance that will help your business not only shine, but thrive and prosper as well.

Based in Phoenix, Tucker launched the firm in 2006, after noting a lack of support and leadership for other entrepreneurs and small business owners. With 15 years of previous career experience in business, finance, telecommunications, sales & marketing capacities. Mechelle has worked with an array of Tastemakers, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Motivational Speakers, Financiers, Authors, Professional Athletes, Rainmaker, Journalists, Humanitarians, Recording Artists and Celebrities to name just a few.

After commandeering hundreds of successful independent, corporate and special events, Mechelle herself was nominated for “The Stars of Tomorrow People Plus Award” mentioned in Top Selling Book “Genius Potential” and seen on Good Morning Arizona TV as a Business Expert and a Blogger for Gigare’ Lifestyle Magazine. In addition, Mechelle has appeared on numerous national radio shows and in publications to share her insight on philanthropy, business, social media, networking and current events.

As a wife, mother, entrepreneur, trendsetter and non-stop career professional, Mechelle “The Networkers Networkers” Tucker is indeed one of the hardest working women in the business world is who creating Win Win Win for all Professionals. Get the help you deserve today! Contact 1st Class Consultant for a FREE Consultation at 623-349-1146 or visit online at www.1stclassconsultant.com for more information.

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