Real Estate Investor Patrick Riddle is Today’s Honoree

PatrickRiddlePatrick Riddle dropped out of college to pursue his dreams of being
financially independent as a real estate investor. And after reaching his goals, he chose to share his real estate investment education training with others so that they could prosper as well. Patrick is all about “giving back,” and he has helped hundreds of investors become successful.

Patrick Riddle is Head Of Real Estate Investor Faculty at Private Money Blueprint.

Patrick has been investing in real estate ever since he got the bug in college at Clemson University. and to his parents’ dismay. dropped out of college to dive full-time into real estate at the age of 22 with a couple partners/friends from school.

The first few deals were rough. mainly using their own cash, credit, and hard money loans. but soon found out that was a rough and unsustainable way to build a real estate company.

After “on the job” learning through the school of hard knocks at first, Patrick found the key that helped his company (Palmetto Property Solutions based out of Charleston, South Carolina) get deals done more quickly, with higher profit, less risk, without having to go to banks or use their own cash.

….that key for Patrick has been private money (using other people’s funds to close on their deals).

Fast forward to today. His company has closed over 130 real estate transactions using over $6 million in private money in their transactions.

These include:

*       Foreclosure properties
*       Small multi-family “buy and hold” deals
*       Short sales
*       Lease options
*       REO deals
*       Mobile homes and just about every other type of distressed property you can think of!

His company holds a small portfolio of rental units in the South Carolina area. Did I mention he’s only 33?

Patrick loves teaching, and for the past few years has put a lot of focus into helping other people have similar results without the learning curve that he had to go through.

He’s a true master at creating win-win-win deals and recruiting private money. Plus, people tell him he has a knack for teaching in simple-to-understand ways that are easy as pie to grasp.

You’ll find Patrick at his favorite local coffee hangout sipping on some iced coffee (if you ever meet him in person, buy him an iced coffee. he’ll love ya for it) or playing beach volleyball at the Windjammer.

Visit Patrick Riddle for more information.

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