Florence Haridan of Character Counts is Today’s Honoree

FlorenceHaridanFlorence Haridan is the Executive Director of Character Counts! in Jacksonville.

I am also a business and life coach who is focused on helping creative teams and individuals have more productive and efficient lives. I support others to explore the development and evolution of personal character. I work with creatives of all types and love the whole of the work that I do. I have a blast watching creative people of all kinds have huge shifts in perspective that allows them to amazing levels of creative expression. Another area I love to coach is the development of or deepening of a spiritual practice. This includes bringing your beliefs to work with you as well as the creation of habits and practices that allow for connection to the divine.

The Character Counts! in Jacksonville is the organizing force behind the CC!INJAX Ethics Coalition, the FOR GOOD social enterprises and several experiential social outreach initiatives.

We educate, celebrate and create based on the 6 Pillars of Character Counts! which were created by the Josephson Institute, the founders of Character Counts! nationally.

CC! in JAX has been working to create a character based community since 1997.
We work to bring Character to life in unique and innovative ways by creating experiences that engage the participants to have their voices heard. We endeavor to create a sense of accountability and empowerment for all our members.

Jacksonville Sherriff’s Office
Jacksonville Re-Entry Center
City Rescue Mission
Jacksonville Teen Court
Jacksonville Ethics Commission

Hunter and Associates
Perdue Office Systems
Haynes, Peters & Bond/GHG Insurance
VIP Presentation Products

Visit Florence Haridan for more information.

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