Pam Davis of Quick Couponing is Today’s Honoree

PamDavisHello. My name is Pam. I am a mother of four and a wife of one (wink). Besides being completely and utterly in love with my husband and kids, I am also in love with saving money and realized after giving birth to my youngest daughter that I was destined to become a “couponer.” It all started as a mission to save money on diapers, wipes and formula and in a few short years has turned into saving thousands of dollars each year on groceries to feed my fairly large blended family, an appearance on Season 4 of TLC’s Extreme Couponing and finding my destiny to launch a business destined to help other people and families to do the same.

I have a bunch of fancy degrees from a bunch of fancy universities (for example: Bachelors of Science in Mathematical Sciences – Applied and Numerical Analysis from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor – GO BLUE and a Master’s of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering with a concentration in Management Systems from North Carolina A&T State University – AGGIE PRIDE) along with over 13 years of Supply Chain Experience working for various Fortune 500 Companies in too many roles to name. Why should you care? I know that’s what you’re asking. Well can you imagine how excited I was when I found out I could merge my formal training with my destiny and passion of couponing and create a Training Program that could help others learn the skills of an “extreme couponer” in fraction of the time. SCORE!

For those that think “couponing” is just some crazy hobby for stay at home moms consider the following: Couponing in last few years has become a lifestyle for many Americans creating accessibility to affordable fresh produce and groceries. Couponing has helped many less fortunate families save hundreds of dollars on groceries and allowed them to take this money to put toward other household expenses like providing a roof over their family’s heads during a stressed housing market. Couponers have donated hundreds of thousands to missions and charities worldwide dedicated to ending hunger in their communities and in neighboring countries who have been the victims of horrifying natural disasters. Couponers’ have sent thousands of care packages and expired coupons (that have an extended 6 month life span) to support our troops and their families while they are away fighting for our freedom.

I am passionate about teaching others to coupon, not only for the positive impacts it will have on their ability to care for their families but the additional empowerment that it gives them to reach out and help others without adding additional strain on their family. I am determined to put all of my fancy degrees and formal training combined with my passion for saving money to good use to help others like you save massive amounts of money on your monthly grocery expenses.

Quick Couponing is a unique training program designed to teach you how to save 50% or more off of your monthly grocery expenses. This educational video series is designed to take you from someone who may use coupons or someone who doesn’t and turn you into a strategic shopper who will save hundreds (even thousands) of dollars on your grocery bills each year. In just a few short weeks you will also learn the secrets that many extreme couponers practice, but with tips to apply then in a practical sense that will help you to save time and money each time you set foot in a grocery store. In additional you will begin to create a personal stockpile, stocking up on the items you use the most for a fraction of the regular price.

So JOIN the MOVEMENT. Become one of over 100,000 people and families to save $5000 or more each year on your grocery bill. Become a part of the community and share your savings experiences with friends and other couponers letting them know: We exist. We can teach you. You can save. You can give. We can help you. And you won’t have to commit to another full time job.

Visit Pam Davis for more information

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