Teen Author Jayla Evonne Hawkins is Today’s Honoree

JaylaTeenAuthorJayla Evonne Hawkins is a 16 year old sophomore at Central High in Phenix City, Alabama. She is the author of The Sarmiento Sisters, a book published by Nayberry Publishing when she was 15 years old.

Born to Army veteran’s, Joseph Hawkins and Stephanie Hawkins, she was painfully shy as a little girl. Constant moving and the stigma of divorce may have contributed to her shyness. Always very bright, writing may have been her way to express her inner feeling of feeling left out. She started writing short stories and poems in the fifth grade.

jaylaBookThe youngest of two kids of her mother’s, Jayla has an older sister, Jasmine Elecia Hawkins, who helped her be more outgoing by being her best friend for life <yeah kinda corny but the absolute TRUTH>. Her mother finally retired after the death of her grandmother, Phyllis Jean Slater, so she finally got some stability in her life and really settled in and started to come out. In 2012 mother and daughter decided to go for it and contacted Shani Dowell of Nayberry Publishing. That led to publishing of her FIRST book

Visit Jayla Hawkins for more information.

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