Life Coach Francesca Escoto-Zavala is Today’s Honoree

FrancescaFrancesca Escoto-Zavala likes to describe her life in bullet points:

  • Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, shaped and molded in the outskirts of Boston
  • Educated in between cultures and countries by mothers, fathers, aunts, grandparents, Worcester Polytechnic Insitute’s engineering curriculum, Christian leaders, and graduate school professors at Bentley
  • Transformed by God’s amazing grace
  • Infused with lessons on love, forgiveness and animal instincts through marriage and giving birth to three daughters
  • Intense reader of all things geek: technology, coding, leadership, entrepreneurship, mental health
  • In touch with all things beautiful, from a ballerina’s pirouette to yarn being crocheted, to a cappella choirs, to the color of nature
  • Wanna-be athlete who enjoys all kinds of ethnic foods way more than exercising
  • Passionate about life as an experiment on the interaction of human resilience and God’s relentless faithfulness

Somewhere in between, she obtained her Industrial Engineering Management degree, became a Certified Life Coach (CPC), Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI MP), taught myself web development, got “A”s in graduate business courses, and became a serial entrepreneur (not necessarily in that order).

Francesca is a teacher at heart, and a star on stage: her talk will be motivational, educational and entertaining.  She has captivated audiences of tens and of thousands, and specializes in college-age women, non-profit leaders, and entrepreneurs.  Below are her most popular topics:

Divorce Your Own Drama – a call to action for women to become agents of social change, starting with their own lives, family relationships, and use of their professional talent.  For more details, click here.

The Progressive Latina – a call to action for Latinas to transform the future of the Hispanic community in the U.S. by focusing their efforts in four major areas of life.  Available in English or Spanish.  For more details, click here.

Make An Impact, Grow Your Influence – a step-by-step workshop for non-profit leaders on proven methods to grow membership and become influential agents of social change.  For more details, click here.

How to Turn Ideas Into a Thriving Business – a step-by-step workshop for aspiring and new entrepreneurs on creativity, innovation, and the application of tech start-up methods to traditional business ventures.  For more details, click here.

Francesca’s private coaching practice is dedicated to helping women and entrepreneurs become masters of their present.  She is a Certified Professional Coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

 Francesca is also an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner.  She helps her clients make choices, make progress, and over time, make changes that last a lifetime.

There are no quick-fix methods, but instant transformations have been known to happen.  Here are the ways in which you can work privately with Francesca:

1. One Hour Pow Wow

Your goals and intentions are the sole content of our time together.  Creating strategies and removing the blocks that keep you stuck are the focus of our conversation.  Fees vary depending on your commitment: Single 1-hr session $150; 4 1-hr sessions $450 (1 Free); 12 1-hr sessions $1,200 ($600 off)

2. Group Coaching and the Innovators Institute

Customized group coaching programs for corporate leaders and non-profit organizations are available now.  Contact us for more information.

Our signature six-month program, Innovators Institute, is ideal for aspiring and just-starting entrepreneurs.  We teach the nuts and bolts of business and help you start earning cash within six months.  Find out more here. 

As host of the critically acclaimed Living Latina show on The Woohoo Radio Network, Francesca offers a fresh and sometimes controversial take on Latina culture, politics, family life, and relationships. Intelligent, unapologetic, and oh so real, Francesca and her guests pull no punches and take no prisoners.

LISTEN LIVE Wednesdays @ 9PM EST

Her first book, “Divorce Your Own Drama: Courage To Make The Tough Choices That Are Worth Every Tear”, was born out of a desire to encourage and empower mujeres to live courageously, embracing the beauty of womanhood and the power of personal choice. This book was the result of having to make many personal sacrifices in order to break out of dysfunctional family patterns.

Francesca is an avid writer (and speaker) on topics of social change, and her work can be accessed on this website via her blog. In addition, she writes for, a site dedicated to helping individuals get the professional help they need to nurture their marriages and relationships. Her blog articles have been featured by YourTango, Huffington Post, and Fox News Magazine, among others.

Francesca is currently working on a series of eBooks and workshops, “Nuts and Bolts for Latina Start-Ups”, which will aide entrepreneurs in the growth of their businesses.  Her year-round Innovators Institute is based on this series.

Visit Francesca Escoto-Zavala for more information.

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