Director of Pharmacy Dr. Burnis Breland is Today’s Honoree

DrBurnisBrelandToday is Dr. Burnis Breland Birthday.

Dr. Breland received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy and Master of Science in Hospital Pharmacy from the University of Mississippi, Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Tennessee in Memphis, and completed his ASHP Accredited Residency in Hospital Pharmacy at St. Luke’s Episcopal, Texas Children’s Hospital, Texas Heart Institute, Houston, Texas.

Burnis D. Breland, M.S., Pharm.D., FASHP, is Director of Pharmacy at Columbus Regional Healthcare System, Columbus, Georgia, and Affiliate Clinical Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice at Auburn University. He serves as preceptor for the University of Georgia, Mercer University, and South University Schools of Pharmacy. Dr. Breland also serves as Director of the Pharmacy Residency Programs at Columbus Regional.

Visit Dr. Burnis Breland for more information.

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