Four Time Cancer Survivor Cheri Kirby is Today’s Honoree

CheriKirbyI am a 27 year, four-time cancer survivor!   Cancer has been diagnosed in FIVE separate spots of my body.   I know what it feels like to be told as a young person to get my affairs in order.  In 2012, 25 years after the first three occurrences, I was diagnosed with stage 3 esophageal cancer. As a three-time survivor by then, “life” finally got my full attention.  A 5th primary cancer appeared in my stomach that summer.

Doctors warned me after the 3rd tumor that if cancer returned it would return with a vengeance and my body would not be likely to withstand aggressive cancer treatment again.  I took matters into my own hands to navigate between traditional and holistic approaches.

I am declared cancer-free once again!  As I reflect, amidst the horror of it all, it was a remarkable journey of love and discovery.  I continue to train my mind, body and spirit daily to ward off hearing this dreaded diagnosis again in my life.  I’ve learned that my body can heal itself as efficiently as it performs many moment by moment functions that we take for granted.  My responsibility is to provide my body a “rainforest” a thriving environment for restoration.

Information is available now that was not available 25, even 5 years ago to help ward off cancer.  I am convinced that I would not have undergone a recurrence 25 years later if I had known what I know now.  But if I had not undergone it, I would not be able to help you.

Doctors say there is nothing I can do to keep cancer from coming back.  I disagree and dedicate my life to using my energy to help others heal and transform their lives by sharing my journey.

I believe that I AM POWERFUL OVER CANCER, NOT POWERLESS!  My physical body can thrive like every other living thing thrives when in its natural habitat.

Follow me as I share what worked for me pre-diagnosis, during treatment, recovery and what I am doing daily, post treatment, in nutrition, exercise & lifestyle to keep cancer away.  I pray that something will help you or a loved one!

Visit Cheri Kirby for more information.

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