Heart Care Expert Dr. William Cooper is Today’s Honoree

DrCoopFrom his humble beginnings in Hayti, MO, one could say that William Cooper was born to save lives. “I lost my own mother to pancreatic cancer at the age of 14. She passed away within months of her diagnosis. If I knew then what I know today, she would still be here.” Since that devastating loss in young William’s life, he has committed his work to saving others from the same fate as his mother and other family members that were loss to preventable illnesses.

With nearly 20 years in the medical field, Dr. Cooper has become a leading expert in cardiovascular health. He has been featured on several prime-time television shows including Good Morning Atlanta, AM Arizona, The Morning Show and Everyday with Marcus and Lisa and was recently featured in the award-winning documentary, “America the Beautiful.” His clinical research has been published in over 100 national journals including Circulation, Journal of Pediatric Surgery and Annals of Thoracic Surgery.

When Dr. Cooper isn’t in the operating room, he is pursuing an Executive MBA at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School and is proud to be an active member of the Army reserves. While these achievements are certainly impressive, William Cooper’s greatest passion is empowering people to take greater ownership of their healthcare. “When I come in contact with most patients, it’s often too late,” he shares. While advanced technology has
extended the survival rate of most heart patients, “there are a number of simple measures that everyone can take today to prevent ending up on my operating table tomorrow.” It is this powerful message that is inspiring a legion of people around the world to live their best life TODAY!

Visit Dr. William Cooper for more information.

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