Living Testimony Kim Ali is Today’s Honoree

KimAliFrom Kim Tumey:

Kim Ali is my friend and she has terminal cancer with only a few months left to live and the reason I’m sharing her and her story is because of her attitude and how she isn’t playing victim even with  her husband dying not too long ago. She has children she loves, but more than anything, she has God and has chosen to accept her fate. WOW.

What I’m asking is that others do something very nice for her, be it a nice comment, scripture, a picture, whatever God places on your heart to do. I just think she is amazing and I wanted to give her flowers while she is still alive.

I thank you all in advance and feel free to reach out to Kim and and check on her sometimes, thanks.

The Kim Ali Story:

I wrote my life story two years ago not because of my illness but because I grew up in Foster Care as a very young baby until I was 18 experiencing sexual, physical, and mental abuse from social services. I wrote my book for closure as four years ago I was able to put this social worker in prison for 14 years for raping me as a child. There are many people out there with similar experiences as mine. Back in the sixties and seventies child abuse was very common and very accepted. I learned to forgive and stop being a victim to all my abusers. Even though now I battle cancer my life is good and I am happy.

What are your thoughts on your terminal cancer diagnosis?

I have two battles to contend with first I have Sarcoidosis of the skin and the lung then I have small cell cancer of my right lung and cancer in my left kidney.  I was having treatment for both but it hasn’t stopped it’s spreading so with great thought I stopped all treatment and decided I wanted to live the life I have as full as I can.

What inspires you and who inspires you?

I think I’ve learned that everything happens for a reason and that in life you cannot hold on to regrets for I certainly wouldn’t be the person I am today, strong full of courage and thankful that I came through them with no added pain such as drugs or drinking. I have never used either no matter how bad my life was at times I refuse to be labelled by anyone whether as a child in Foster Care or as an adult who at one time suffered depression or mental illness.

It was life’s experiences that caused my unhappiness but it was up to me to either remain a victim or be the person I knew I could be and because of it I value nothing materialistic in my life. Friendships, family and love for others mean more to me. I would give anyone my help and I would stand up for anyone being put down even if it meant I was standing alone.

The people that inspire me are those who struggle with life yet never complain how little they have and you will always find they are the ones who truly care and want to help others. I believe what you give out to this world is what you receive back and if you want more love in your life then love the world more.

Visit Kim Ali for more information.

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