International Motivator S. Renee is Today’s Honoree

SReneeWhen rumors began to fly about Actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ failing marriage, Ok! Magazine called S. Renee to assess the impact on Katie’s self-esteem. When Television Personality and Celebrity Rachael Ray signed an endorsement deal with Dunkin’ Donuts, Marketing Daily sought S. Renee’s expertise in personal branding and brand management. And, when syndicated Columnist Mildred Culp (Workwise) needed to quote a branding expert, again S. Renee’s phone rang. (See some television appearances: NBC (The 10! Show), CBS (Speak Up!), CN8 (Your Morning) and (Art Fennell Show).

A thought-provoking and insightful leader in the areas of personal, professional and spiritual development, S. Renee is the author of There Is More Inside and The Bridge to Your Brand: Likability, Marketability, Credibility. Reaching national and international audiences with a message that inspires, transforms and empowers, her popularity has continuously grown serving over 50 clients across seven industries. Ninety-five percent are repeat clients.

Highly intuitive and engaging, S. Renee has been called “a leading authority on personal branding.” S. Renee has been endorsed and invited to share the stage with CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies and with other national leaders. Her business savvy and vision of steady growth has led to a partnership with BCT Partners, a multi-million dollar firm whose CEO is The Apprentice season four winner Randal Pinkett.

S. Renee can point to numerous clients who have experienced the positive results of her advice, but perhaps her strongest endorsement is her own life. Using the principles she teaches today on courage, confidence and personal accountability, she went from being a timid outcast to queen of her middle school in two years. Later she attended Delaware State University and graduated cum laude in only three years. After gaining valuable corporate experience, S. Renee then launched a modeling career — despite being told that her 5’3” frame prevented her from being “model material.” That career lasted for more than a decade. She has worked with IMAN, Susan Lucci, Joan Rivers and others.

Using the branding strategies she teaches today, S. Renee secured a talk show host position with United Paramount Network (UPN–Philadelphia) without taking a single class in broadcast journalism. As the host, producer and spokesperson, S. Renee reached millions as she held a strong stance on addressing issues such as women and diversity, inequality in education and health care, neighborhood revitalization, violence and the impact of negative images and lyrics on youth.

Knowledgeable and savvy in understanding value proposition, in just 8 months, she negotiated a promotion from admissions counselor to director of public relations at an institution of higher learning. The deal included numerous perks, including a $15,700 pay raise. In addition, she served in the president’s cabinet. Before making her first speech as a full-time speaker, she received endorsements from top motivational speakers in the world.

In acknowledgement of inspiring thousands nationally and internationally, Mayor Byron W. Brown of Buffalo, NY declared July 17, 2010—S. Renee Smith Day. Delaware Today Magazine named S. Renee an Influential Woman in Business; December 2011, one of Delaware’s Black Leaders; February 2010 and one of Delaware’s 40 under 40 to watch; April 2002. In 2006, she received the Distinguish Alumni Award from the National Association for Equal Opportunity.

S. Renee has the distinction of being named a 2013 Honorary Commander at Dover Air Force Base. Dedicated to enriching the community, S. Renee led the 2010 launch of the William J. & Rev. Shirley M. Smith Sr Scholarship Fund, which has awarded $3,500 in college scholarships and raised over $40,000 since its inception. She continues to serve as chair of the board. She is also an active member of United Way of Delaware Women’s Leadership Council, United Way of Delaware’s Community Impact Fund Review Panel and the Delaware Community Foundation Kent County Advisory Board–Delaware’s largest philanthropic organization.

S. Renee received training in sales and persuasion at the prestigious International Center for Management and Training Development, Leesburg, VA. She is also a 2010 Leadership Delaware graduate.

Visit S. Renee for more information.

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