Dentist and Fitness Expert Dr. Sara Solomon is Today’s Honoree

DrSaraSolomonDr. Sara Solomon was born on January 25, 1978 and raised in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. Sara completed her undergraduate training at McGill University in Montreal, Canada where she received her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy in 2001. During her physiotherapy training, Sara became captivated by fitness, and earned her personal training certification in 1999. Sara’s desire to interlace science and artistry resulted in her pursuit of dentistry. After obtaining her dental degree (DMD) from McGill University in 2005, she moved to Toronto, Ontario, where she currently practices dentistry. After 8 years of university, Sara had gained weight. She longed for a toned athletic look, but despite regular running, was unable to achieve any visible results because of poor dietary choices.  In 2006, Sara finally had her “aha moment” and adopted a healthy lifestyle.  Not only did she join a gym and hire a personal trainer, but she also began researching and applying the principles of clean eating.  Within a few months, her body completely transformed!  Sara’s transformation was even featured as one of Oxygen Magazine’s Success Stories in 2011.

Graduation 2005

Sara became so enamored with fitness, not only did she enroll in gymnastics and ballroom dancing, but she also became a certified spinning instructor. Shortly thereafter, she decided to pursue jump rope, and became a certified jump rope instructor with the Jump Rope Institute under the tutelage of Olympian and world-renowned jump rope expert, Buddy Lee in 2009.  That same year,  Sara entered and won her first fitness competition at 31 years of age.  In 2010, Sara began actively competing with the World Body Building and Fitness Federation (WBFF).  On July 2, 2011, Sara was awarded her PRO Status at the Alberta WBFF Championships. She proudly competed on the WBFF PRO stage in August of 2011 and 2012 before retiring from the WBFF.

Contest history:

  • Fitness Star Montreal Nov. 28, 2009: 1st place Athletic Tall Female & Best Stage Presence Award.
  • WBFF World Championships Sept 18, 2010: did not place
  • WBFF Quebec April 30, 2011: 2nd place Fitness Model Tall and 4th place Bikini Model
  • NPC Atlantic States June 4, 2011: Bikini – 10th place
  • WBFF Calgary July 2, 2011: Fitness Model: 2nd place and awarded PRO card.
  • WBFF World Championships Aug 27, 2011: PRO Fitness Model: 2nd call out.
  • JUDGE: WBFF Quebec April 28, 2012 Championships.
  • WBFF World Championships Aug 25, 2012: PRO Fitness Model: 2nd call out.
  • Inside Fitness Cover Contest: Oct. 14, 2012.

Sara been featured on numerous fitness magazine covers and television shows, including Lifetime’s “The Balancing Act”  (2012) and CityTV’s “Look I Cook” (2012).  She is also the author for Oxygen Magazine’s “Work Train Compete” blog where she creatively imparts tips for balancing a busy career with competing and a healthy lifestyle. Sara’s motivational strategies, recipes, fitness regimes and educational articles have been published in numerous international magazines, including Oxygen Magazine, Inside Fitness, Natural Muscle Magazine, Status Fitness Magazine,, Ultra Fit UK, World Physique Magazine, Urban Male Magazine,, Ontario Dentist and WBFF’s Fit and Firm magazine. Not only is Sara a writer for Gaspari Nutrition and, but she is also Team athlete.

Visit Dr. Sara Solomon for more information.

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