Firefighter and Author Gino Arroyo is Today’s Honoree

Gino Arroyo has self-published and created his own publishing company entitled Gino Arroyo Publishing with his first novel “If These Streets Could Talk” It is a suspenseful drama of friendship, love, trust, treachery and faith based on his personal experience growing up in West Philadelphia.

Gino Arroyo is still currently residing in West Philadelphia. He is currently a Philadelphia Firefighter, gets great satisfaction out of being able to be of service. Gino is always captivated how when the siren goes off people come from where ever and drop everything to help in most cases people we don’t even know! Gino, says” firemen don’t pick the job the job picks us”! We are a different breed of people we care when others could careless! It’s not always easy but he loves his profession.Gino

Gino will be doing community outreach to keep of the dreams for youth alive, assist a family get on there feet, & encourage all walks of life, because we never know when we will need help, we all need each other, together we can make a difference.

Visit Gino Arroyo for more information.

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