HoopDance Entrepreneurs Keith and Jen Moore are Today’s Honorees

HoopDanceJen and Keith Moore, the owners of Roc City Hoopdance & Fitness, are testimonies to the power of hooping as exercise. Married for almost ten years, they have four beautiful children (Mairi, Elijah, and Lachlan, and Catriana, who is in heaven). Their unhealthy eating habits and lack of physical activity dated back to their childhood.

After their daughter Catriana was stillborn in January 2007, they spent the next year grieving, soothing themselves with a sedentary lifestyle and comfort food. They watched their weight balloon to nearly 300 lbs each.In January of 2009, while pregnant with Eli, Jen discovered Hoopnotica®.

Having avoided exercise all her life, she was attracted to Hoopnotica® because it was different, looked fun, and people laughed a lot during class. After giving birth to a healthy, beautiful baby Eli, she returned to Hoopnotica® in September 2009. She weighed 285 lbs and was wearing a size 26.

She purchased the Hoopnotica® DVDs and taught herself how to hoop, because there were no Hoopnotica® instructors in Rochester. It took nearly three weeks to learn to hoop through one song, but she was determined not to give up!Jen committed to spend at least 15 minutes each day hooping with Hoopnotica® and began to change her eating habits. She lost 9 lbs in the first month, and the weight began melting off. In the following months, she would average 12 – 15 lbs of weight loss each month. She has now lost 140 lbs and counting!

Keith, though skeptical at first, was inspired by Jen’s results and took up hooping himself. He saw how fun it was and wanted to learn, so he became Jen’s first Hoopnotica® student.

Together they have transformed their bodies, losing a collective 235 lbs. Jen currently weighs 145 lbs and wears a size 4 – 6, and she teaches over 15 Hoopnotica® classes per week. Keith is a certified personal trainer who began teaching hoop classes in April 2011.

Jen and Keith credit their stillborn daughter, Catriana, as the impetus for their lifestyle change. “Knowing that I had given birth to death, I knew there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do,” Jen says. “Especially there wasn’t anything we couldn’t do together.”

Visit Jen and Keith for more information.

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