Core Magazine Co-Founder Ellisa Oyewo is Today’s Honoree

Ellisa1Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, Ellisa Oyewo is a graduate of Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago with a B.A. in Fashion Marketing/Management. With years of editorial experience, including a highly-coveted internship with Seventeen Magazine, Ellisa calls Brooklyn home and finds writing inspiration in many of the borough’s cafes and coffee shops. Determined to leave her mark in the digital world one article at a time, Ellisa has contributed to The Swank Report Magazine, Love My Hair Magazine  and has  held the position of Fashion Editor of Coco & Crème online magazine. Ellisa currently is the Co Founder of CORE Magazine.

CORE is an online magazine that develops awareness of self-understanding and worth for females ages 12-18 years. CORE Magazine reaches females through different subject matters: finance, relationships, fashion, health/beauty, and current topics.  CORE Magazine creates an opportunity to discuss and express daily concerns females encounter.

Social  Media Manger to dope brands and has also contributed to sites as Vibe Vixen,  Clutch Mag, and In Her Shoes. Bounced between Chicago to Brooklyn back to Chi City and BACK to Brooklyn! Randomly freestyles throughout the day. They call her “Freestyle E.” She writes all the time and dance is a passion that pours out of her randomly.

In Ellisa’s own words:

Live to encourage and motivate others. Life is a dream, take advantage of it before it wakes up. Yoga junkie. Ellisa is a collage of people in my life. Love to laugh. My ipod is always in my ears. I hate to conform. Ignorance is contagious. Protect yourself. Love STYLE. Don’t understand followers. Love vintage.  Daydream 24/7.  GOD IS MY ALL AND ALL.

Visit Ellisa for more information.

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