Minister Yolanda Dupree is Today’s Honoree

YDMost would believe that Yolanda Dupree came out of nowhere serving the Lord, but she has been a servant of His since she was a child. She is motivated, destined and determined to fulfill her purpose.

Yolanda has many gifts and talents including singing, sewing, and cooking, but it’s her motivational gift of exhortation that draws people to the Christ in her. They are often inspired and comforted in her presence because of her genuine sincerity for their well-being.

In 2002, Yolanda accepted God’s command to write a book, To God Be The Glory. It gives the reader a selective glimpse of the trials and triumphs of Yolanda’s life. In 2005 Yolanda and her husband Michael, launched Yolanda Dupree Ministries Inc (501c3). This ministry has four major programs: Staying Married God’s Way Couples’ Ministry, Faith Walkers Empowerment Group for Women, Mothering the Motherless Project and the Not Me/Not You –Teens Against Domestic Violence.

Yolanda Dupree is a Motivational Speaker and Certified Christian Life Coach with a specialty in intimacy coaching. She is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and serves on the board of directors for Words Of Comfort Ministries Inc., NewKita Group Inc., and Teach A Child 2 Fish Inc.

Yolanda and her husband, Michael, have four beautiful children, Xavier, Jada, Kayla, and Jonathan.

Visit Yolanda Dupree for more information.

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2 Responses to Minister Yolanda Dupree is Today’s Honoree

  1. ERCC says:

    Amazing! Yes, she has a beautiful spirit and is always envisioning and implementing activities that promote the Kingdom of God and encourages people to be God-seekers.

    • ERCC says:

      Forgot to give my name on the above comment. I, ERCC, am Elder Rebecca Crowder Clark and have known Minister Dupree and her family since childhood. Again, she is amazing in her drive to fulfill her purpose.

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